Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I handed in my Honors College application today. I watched the Honors Advisor sign it, so I have a fairly decent chance of getting in. He has mentioned oh.. 4 times that every student he nominates gets into the college. But, it is out of my hands and has two recommendation letters to go with it.

Hopefully, I will also be getting paperwork for concurrent majors signed tomorrow. YAY for insanity!

In other news, the second sock is zooming right along. I'd show more pictures, but I am lazy and that requires finding the camera cord, unplugging the printer, plugging in the camera, and remembering to plug the printer back in when done, so that I don't think that the printer has broken again when I attempt to print something. (Yes, it happens on a regular basis. No, I do not learn.)

I bought some yummy wool/silk blend to attempt lace with. I found a pattern on that I just love and I want to attempt lace. And since I'm going to have a good bit of yarn left over from the socks, I'm wondering if you can felt lace. Anyone know?

And since I like pictures, I'll leave you with a few shots from my trip to NYC last month. MOMA, Phantom of the Opera, and a random shot.

seriously, what is there NOT to like? And besides, it can
totally be my theme picture for days like today.

Dali! I lurve Dali. Anyone who can paint a skull out of nude female
bodies and have it both awesomely cool and very weird is cool in my book.

Ah, the national debt clock. Only in America?

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