Monday, April 3, 2006

The Evolution of a Sock

I blame the Yarn Harlot for my decision to make a sock. (ok, two. Socks are not useful if you only have one unless you plan on making sock puppets.) But first, one has to learn how to knit in the round on dpns.

So cute! So tiny! So pointy and hard to hold!

Then comes the swatching and the measuring (of swatch and foot) and the calculating. Then one can cast on the sock, join, and knit.

I think my aunt has had that table cloth since forever.

I ended up knitting while reading for class. And while watching TV. And on the bus to NYC, during Phantom of the Opera, the bus ride back.

Also, while reading knitting blogs.

The leg warmer became a leg-and-ankle warmer, which then grew to warm a heel and part of the foot as well.
I also knit when I should be working on a study guide for an exam.

Eventually, I ended up with a whole sock. That I knitted all by myself in less than 3 weeks. I'm proud to announce that I've already cast on the second sock and am over 4" into the 6" cuff. Funny, how the second sock seems to go faster, once one actually has some idea of what one is doing.
A sock! Made by me! And yarn and sticks! And it looks very sock-like!

After the sock, I want to knit with some mircospun by LionBrand. Problem is, I can only find patterns that require more than one ball of yarn. I, the nearly broke college student, only have one ball of lilac and one ball of white. I'm really liking the way it knits up on smallish needles- solid, dense, and soft fabric. But what do I do with it? Right now, I seem to just be admiring the swatch. Any suggestions? Any? No? Ok then.

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