Thursday, February 2, 2006

Sometimes, you get what you need

Life is weird.

I'm now officially (or soon to be officially) the secretary of the Photo Club. Feels weird, to have a position of power. I'd never had stepped up and gotten myself into a officer position on my own.. I blame Carlo, for he dragged me into the meetings were we discussed what needs to happen to make ourselves an official club. And I suppose I'm partly to blame, what with my tendency to jump in and take over, organize, and so forth. Hence, secretary.

I'm also officially an English major now. I suppose that means I need to get started on filing the paper work towards a concurrent major, such as History. And not screw anything up when filling the paperwork out. Then, once that's done, fill paper work to declare a minor at the same times.

I had a meeting with the head of the English Honors program to discuss that option. Basically, my GPA is not high enough. (Need a 3.7 over all and a 3.67 in English.) I have a 3.62 and am not sure about what my English GPA is for the classes they look at, as the freshman honors class doesn't count. If I manage an A in BOTH English classes this semester, I'm up to a 3.67 EXACTLY in English. If I pull a straight 4.0 this semester, a 3.72 overall. That's cutting it close and a lot of pressure. Plus, if I get in, I need to write an honors thesis. What the hell would I write an honors thesis on? How the hell would I write a thesis? I'm not sure of my ability to actually DO that. And that's scary.

At the very least, I know know that it is feasible to take all the classes I need to take and graduate on time. I'll be taking 18 credits a semester from now on, but that's ok. I think. Ask me in a year or so. 

I also want to try for an internship at the library. I want to take a class on documents and archiving - it looks like fun. (Yeah, shuddup.) So, that might be a good option.

And then, the idea of getting my masters in Holocaust studies. WCU has a program, a few other schools have programs. But then come the questions - do I really want to get my Masters? In the Holocaust? Then I have to write my thesis AND defend it. GAH!!!!!!

And then.. there is Vanity Fair. Vanity Fair, how I loathe thee.

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